System Integration Solutions

System integration solutionsWith a wide range of products available from the Nimco product catalog and the possibility to integrate other components through the Nimco EasyProg software (including pumps, motors, cylinders, sensors and indicators) system solutions are made easy and can be applied to optimize any machine in terms of maneuverability, safety and energy efficiency.

EasyProg is offered together with a complete range of control units, driver boxes and sensors to make system programming and machine installation fast and easy with the highest accuracy.

Servicing any machine with a Nimco system is easy as remote control GSM units are available to monitor, diagnose and reprogram machines in the field.

Precision Load Control

Precision load control, backhoe hydraulicsOne of the key performance factors in any machine is how well the load is controlled. Machine operators can perform more work in a safer way if they are operating a machine with a well designed Directional Control Valve.

A machine's quality and reputation is often measured on how well the load is controlled at different stages of the moving cycle and at different speeds. This requires the valve not only to control the load well when in a single step operation, but how well the valve performs when multiple functions are activated at the same time.

This holds true for both Open Center and Load Sensing valves.

Nimco Controls offers valves which can be tailored to each machine's specific function and through our special spool design software. We can tailor every function to perform at the optimized speed and with a positive influence of all other functions.

Our Open Center valves are designed to take advantage of the full stroke of the valve and to have the same performance of each function -  even at varying load weights.

Our Post Compensated Load Sensing valves offer superior load control with their unique design. Each spool has two compensators allowing customization of both the pressure and the flow.

Zero Leakage

Zero leakage Directional Spool Control ValvesNimco offers the lowest leakage rates for Directional Spool Control Valves on the market.

With consistently improved, special design concepts and manufacturing methods, we are able to offer our customers as low as 1 cc/min at 46 cSt leakage rates for certain products and an average of less than 2 cc/min leakage rates for larger valves.

The advantage of low leakage rates over the spool is that the load does not drift when the spool is in neutral position. Leakage rates as low as 1 cc/min allow customers to avoid using costly, over center valves where they would otherwise be necessary.

Nimco is synonymous with low leakage directional control valves.


At Nimco, we believe that customer needs should be in the forefront of all the work we do.

In today’s demanding market, a machine builder has to be able to master all technologies available and to offer cost efficient solutions thereby bringing the next generation of machines to a higher level.

At Nimco, we combine our knowledge of hydraulic valve design, system and application, and electro mechanics into one solution that will achieve the best performance for our customers.

We work closely with our customers to understand and improve their machine design and performance not only for single products, but also their entire system optimizing hydraulics, electronics, and how well all parts work together.


Over the years, Nimco has earned a reputation with our customers of delivering products with superior quality and reliability.

Our philosophy of designing with only the best materials and products, that will withstand the toughest demands and environments, has made Nimco products synonymous with quality. This is the main reason why our products are found on the most demanding and reputable machines in the market today.

Our philosophy of quality through every step, from design to finished product, makes providing service to our customers easy and enjoyable!

Energy Savings

With energy prices continuing to climb and resources becoming more scarce, we focus our R&D resources on the development of components which will contribute to lower energy consumption.

Our target is to assist our customers (and in turn, their customers) with saving money by consuming less fuel in their daily operation at the same or higher output levels. We also strive to increase our customers' daily productivity while minimizing their Co2 footprint.

Nimco's Open Center Valves are all designed to minimize pressure drop and to contribute to overall efficient system performance. Valve designs are optimized to give excellent load control in combination with optimum energy usage.

Our LS Pressure Compensated Flow Sharing Valves are designed to only make use of the flow and pressure required to work a machine at optimized levels at all times.

Our EasyProg software will optimize machine performance and load control functions with minimal energy consumption by controlling the flow outputs and diesel consumption in every work cycle and condition.

Open Center

Nimco offers open center valves with flow rates up to 180 Rpm and 48 USGPM. 

We offer all valves with standard spools which have high resolution metering as well as specially tailored spools which are specifically designed to meet any machine's specific load control needs.

In addition, we offer all valves with spools that do not have metering functions, but where spools are designed to allow for maximum flow at the lowest possible pressure drop.

Most of our open center valves can be equipped with secondary valve functions such as relief and anti-cavitation. Electrical unloading valves in the valve inlet and in any other sections needed are also available.

We offer a wide range of Spool Controls including Hand Levers, Cable, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Controls, as well as Electro Hydraulic on/off and Proportional Controls.

On Demand Load Sensing

Most of Nimco’s open center valves as designed so that they can be ordered in a load sensing version which we call ‘’ On Demand Load Sensing’’. On Demand Load Sensing valves enable the valve to work in a system where a variable displacement pump is the source of oil and pressure supply.

The On Demand Load Sensing valves will activate the pump when the spool is shifted from neutral position, but does not offer individual pressure compensators for each spool.

Load Sensing Technology - True Flow Sharing

Nimco offers post compensated flow sharing load sensing valves which have the unique feature of two compensators for each spool, thus better load control and welcome cost and energy savings for the machine builder. For applications where no flow sharing is needed, uncompensated sections are available which can be combined with full flow sharing sections in one valve.

Inlet functions for fixed and variable displacement pumps with electrical off loading valves and HPCO (Power Beyond) functions are available as standard as well as special high flow inlets where a LS compensated spool eliminates the pressure drop between the pump and the valve.

Other unique features with the Nimco LS valves include two compensators for each spool. This makes it possible to equip the valves with LS pressure reducing valves for each cylinder port and thereby limit the internal pump pressure to be exceeded without consuming any pump flow while still ensuring the maximum flow desired for each function is not exceeded.

Other standard equipment for the Nimco LS valves are; Manual Override Hand Levers with integrated Stroke Limiters and SRV’s with integrated A/C functions.

High Flow Mid Inlets allow for large Pump flow into the valve and full flow out on each function.

Spool control options range from manual controls to hydraulic and EHP controls.

Pressure Compensated Flow Control

Pressure Compensated Flow ControlNimco offers directional control valve solutions where a spool control valve is combined with a pressure compensated flow control valve where the flow to a function is always prioritized and maintained independent of the operated load.

These valves can be connected in a series for multifunctional operation or, for instance, motor applications in combination with a simple gear pump.

By combining a traditional directional control valve with a pressure compensated flow control valve and a traditional fixed displacement pump(s), load speeds can be maintained without the use of a more expansive load sensing system including variable displacement pumps.