Harmoniously Hammered

Percussive drilling to achieve both cost-effectiveness and high productivity demands that a number of important factors work well together. Nimco Controls AB has developed an electrohydraulic system that integrates the advantages of EasyProg, its advanced CANbus-based remote-control system, with its CV 2000 LS series post-compensated hydraulic valve. In this way, a sophisticated and user-friendly solution is achieved for the rock drilling industry.

Top hammer percussive drilling – the most common method for drilling holes up to 140mm in diameter – breaks the rock by hammering impacts transferred from the rock drill to the drill bit in the hole bottom. Hydraulic pressure generates the force required – the pressure is built up and when released, drives the impact piston forward. When the piston strikes the shank adaptor, it releases its kinetic energy in a stress wave transferred through the drill rod to drill bit which transfers the energy to the rock. To obtain the best drilling productivity and economy, all the components in the system – rock drill to drill steel to rock – must be in harmony

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