Precision Load Control

One of the key performance factors in any machine is how well the load is controlled. The machine operators can perform more work in a safer way if they are operating a machine with a well designed Directional Control Valve.

A machines quality and reputation is often measured on how well the load is controlled at different stages of the load moving cycle and at different speeds. This requires the valve not only to control the load well when in a single step operation but how well the valve performs when multiple functions are activated at the same time.

This holds true for both Open Center and Load Sensing valves.

Nimco Controls offers valves which can be tailored to each machines specific function and through our special spool design software, we can tailor every function to perform at the optimized speed and with a positive influence of all other functions.

Our Open Center valves are designed to take advantage of the full stroke of the valve and to have the same performance of each function even at largely different load weights.

Our Post Compensated Load Sensing valves will offer superior load control with its unique design where each spool has two compensators allowing customization of both the pressure and flow.