Open Center

Nimco offers open center valves with a flow rates up to 180 Lpm and 48 USGPM.

We offer all valves with standard spools which have high resolution metering as well as special tailored spools which are specifically designed to meet any machine specific load control needs.

In addition, we do offer all valves with spools that do not have any metering functions at all, but where spools are designed to allow for maximum flow through the valve at the lowest possible pressure drop.

Most of our open center valves can be equipped with secondary valve functions such as relief and anti-cavitation functions and also with electrical unloading valves in the valve inlet.

We offer a wide range of Spool Controls including Hand Levers, Cable, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Controls, as well as Electro Hydraulic on/off and Proportional Controls.

See our Open Center Valve range.