Load Sensing Technology

Nimco offers post compensated flow sharing load sensing valves which has the unique feature of having two compensators for each spool, thus better load control and welcome cost savings for the machine builder. For application where no flow sharing is needed are uncompensated sections available.

Inlet functions for fixed and variable displacement pumps with electrical off loading valves and HPCO (Power Beyond) functions are available as standard as well as special high flow inlets where a LS compensated spool eliminates the pressure drop between the pump and the valve.

Other unique features with the Nimco LS valves is that by having two compensators for each spool, it is possible to equip the valves with LS pressure reducing valves for each cylinder port and thereby limit the internal pump pressure to be exceeded without consuming any pump flow and still secure that the maximum flow desired for each function is not exceeded.

Other standard equipment for the Nimco LS valves are; Manual Override Hand Levers with integrated Stroke Limiters and SRV’s with integrated A/C functions.

High Flow Mid Inlets allowing for large Pump flows in to the valve and full flow out on each function.

Spool controls options range from manual controls to hydraulic and EHP controls.