Bankable Open Center valve with up to 10 sections. Mid inlets and Off Loading valve options available.

Sections 1 through 10

Flow Range90 Lpm or 24 Gpm
Pressure350 bar or 5000 psi
Port SizeBSP ½ or SAE 8
ControlManual, Joystick, Pneumatique Cable, EHP
OptionsAntichock, Anticavitation, HPCO


Dual flow bankable valve designed for both open center and load sensing systems. The dual channel system allows a very soft start of the load for enhanced control. Each section can have a flow limiting function built in as standard. A wide range of secondary, off loading valves.

Sections 1 through 11

Flow Range100 Lpm or 26 Gpm
Pressure320 bar or 4600 psi
Port SizeBSP 3/8 or 1/2 or SAE 10 or 12
ControlManual, Hydraulic or EHP
OptionsAntichock, Anticavitation, HPCO, Electrical 12 V or 24 V Off loading Valve.


CV 2000 LS is a post compensated sectional Load Sensing Valve with a wide range of pressure and flow controlling options with a flow capacity up to 130 LPM or 34 GPM and multi inlet and out let options. It offers easy to use and program features using PWM signals and Nimco’s Easy Prog software and Remote Control Units.

Sections 1 through 10

Flow Range130 LPM or 34 GPM
Pressure320 bar or 4600 psi
Port SizeBSP 1/2, UNF 8 or 10
ControlHand Lever, Hydraulic and EHP 12 or 24 V
OptionsPressure Reducing Valves for each work port, Relief and/or Anti Chock Valves, HPCO Power Beyond, 12 V or 24 V flow inlet on off function.